Two Brazilian Chicks Executed in Woods

Two Brazilian Chicks Executed in Woods

Two young Brazilian women were captured and taken to a wooded area by a gang of men, presumably due to drugs or their involvement with a rival gang. We’ve seen this type of thing many times before so while we generally feel bad for the women, they weren’t exactly smart in their life decisions to get involved with dangerous people. Doesn’t mean they deserve this kind of fate, though. They beg and plead but to no avail. One woman tries to use her hand as a shield but the killer moves around it and blasts her in the head. They then put a couple of extra rounds into the girls bodies.

The killers throw their V-shaped gang signs at the end of the video, confirming that this was gang/drug related. But anyone who can translate the brief interview, it would be appreciated.

Props to @mrspink!

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23 thoughts on “Two Brazilian Chicks Executed in Woods

  1. Sad. These two learned the hard way that gangs are definitely equal opportunity killers. And who knows, they may have even been totally innocent. They may have just had a boyfriend in a rival gang. Ah Brazil, where men aren’t men, and women are now scared.

  2. They seemed to be two timing their boyfriends when the two got caught in the act .
    The executioner kept showing sign of peace but all that was there was to breach .The dafts were walked to a remote locale and were done with .
    Sorry chick ya two were a good lay though and if was there on the scene I would have surely let you two off .

  3. Generally feel bad for the women you say? We are going full SJW mangina cuck now it seems. Such a pity. We used to be able to say whatever victimized ignorant tired bullshit came into our narrow heads on this site but now it feels like white knight central. Everyone, women specifically, should be killed for the slightest misdemeanour, unless you’re a snowflake libtard that doesn’t realize your rights are systematically being taken away by those that are not blaming all their problems with women on women. HOLY FUCK!!! I just gave my head a shake. I don’t know what came over me, does anybody know a number for an acneskacorcist!? I feel like a Marked man…..I need to go take a shower.

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