Anteater Has Last Laugh On Tormentor

Anteater Has Last Laugh On Tormentor

A man and is friend were filming themselves having some fun with an anteater that they managed to catch. When I first watched it, I thought he was flicking a lighter on the animal’s snout but there’s actually nothing in his hand, I’m not sure what he is trying to achieve… maybe he’s attempting to pull its long tongue? The anteater clearly doesn’t like being held against its will and molested in such a way so it begins to kick and the animal’s long, curved claws which are used to break open ant and termite tests hook into the man’s leg and opens him up pretty good.

Anteaters now officially receive the Obli Seal of Approval.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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17 thoughts on “Anteater Has Last Laugh On Tormentor

  1. Hahahaha ! That was damn pretty good and a nasty fucking bite this hairy son of Bitch is never ever gonna forget !
    Try Troubling these simple beautiful creatures from their hideouts and get dug in skin deep and clawed .
    I bet from hereon he is gonna even keep a safe distance from small ants .
    So they say ,Once bitten twice shy

  2. He was filming from inside the vehicle it looks like….he obviously had better sense lol
    I think he knew something epic was bound to happen haha

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