What What in the Butt

What What in the Butt

Oh the joys of watching people get random objects removed from their buttholes. I’d love to hear the patient try to explain this one…”well you see doctor, I was trying to prep this eggplant and heard putting a giant condom over it helps lock in the flavor and what do you know I slip and fall and my giant asshole swallowed the whole thing.” Maybe the guy got confused about which hole the food is suppose to go in.

Props to the Pinky!!

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41 thoughts on “What What in the Butt

  1. Is that his OWN gloved hand trying to help open his ass, or is someone copping a feel? They’re literally cupping his balls ???
    Theyre quite hospitable in this hospital….getting his ass played with and his balls cupped ?

  2. .
    He must have tried his hands at every largest of the large , biggest of the big fattest of the fat objects to please his cock yearning arse but an eggplant from his kitchen garden sure beats all the other odds ,
    Now what kinda eggplant was that made his arse bleed like a virgin Surgeons haven’t lost a minute pondering over the joys faggots arses seek

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