Guy Live Streams Elderly Man’s Murder on Easter Sunday

Around 2PM on Easter Sunday, a man police identified as Steve Stephens live broadcasted himself on Facebook Live as he pulled up alongside an elderly man walking on the street in Cleveland, Ohio. Before he gets out of the car he tells viewers that he just found someone to kill. He walks up to the man, 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr. and asks him to do him a favor and say “Joy Lane”. The man clearly had no clue what Stephens was talking about and repeated “Joy Lane?”.. then Stephens says, “Yeah. She’s the reason this is about to happen to you.” The big ass looking gorilla then shoots the elderly man point blank in the head for absolutely no reason at all.

In other posts and videos uploaded to Steve Stephens’ Facebook after the murder.. he says he has “lost everything to gambling”. Stephens claims that his girlfriend, Joy Lane is to blame for his actions, and he also claimed that he has killed up to 15 people and has no plans to stop. As of right now.. he is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. Police say he could be on his way to Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana or Michigan.

Thanks to @MrsPink and @bannedanna!

UPDATE: Steve Stephens committed suicide this morning, Tuesday, April 18th. Too bad he didn’t live stream it.

30 thoughts on “Guy Live Streams Elderly Man’s Murder on Easter Sunday

  1. And this guy is still driving around killing people. You read the morning news and all you see is “Trumps latest tweet,” or “those russians are hacking again,” or “britians still bitching about brexit,” not a single thing about this man driving around killing innocent people. I wonder how many people are like this or doing similiar things right in our homes (countrys, citys, towns) without us even knowing.

  2. This Muthfucker’s face is like a giant 70 mm cinema scope and guess what we got them swarming our streets like ants creating chaos troubling innocents and killing people all because there mothers titties they didn’t get to suckle LITRES OF milk out of
    I am done

  3. I wish i could join the bounty hunters in the region that are at this moment hunting him down… 😐 The fucking MSM descriptions of this fucking nigger saying that he has “white dark skin”… are you fucking kidding me? Even in this they try to blame whittey for it… for fuck sake…

  4. Internet prank videos are getting out of hand.
    But seriously this guy is a walking piece of shit. We’ve often said here that a broken heart is no reason to kill yourself but I wish this fat fuck had taken that road instead of the one he’s on. He can’t keep his gambling under control or have a relationship with a women so he murders innocent passers by? Poor old dude was just putting in his time, surviving 74 years to be at the wrong place when some lowlife loser snaps over the consequences of his own shitty life decisions.
    “This mufucka dead because of you, Joy”? No, he’s dead because you’re weak and stupid. I hope we see your fat ass on this site again very soon.

  5. I don’t know why, but this video is the first one that I literally shut my eyes and could not watch the actual shot. The first one that has made me cry and really hurt for this man. And when the video was over, I scroll down and read comment after comment from you guys that are saddened and enraged and just as affected as I over such a senseless and cowardly act. My fellow gorians (is that a word) their may be hope for us yet!

    I swear, my emotions are running wild tonight. Maybe it’s cuz I’m on my period….?

    • Agreed @sara. Don’t rest in peace asshole. You will rest forever as a piece of shit.
      From what I heard he ordered nuggets and fries, got recognized and asked to wait for the fries to be ready and when the cops showed up he didn’t have the nerve to go out swinging, as they say or to face up to his actions. Just blew his shit brains out like he should have done in the first place.
      This hit me pretty hard. It may sound weird but in many of the videos I see here there is some sort of “life lesson”. (Don’t fuck with gangs, seek appropriate medical attention, drive respectfully, never go to Brazilian prison) But a defenceless elderly man being senselessly murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time is what did it. This one pissed me off. Maybe I’m just on my period @gapeach
      I’m sure there is a joke to be made about a black man, if he was indeed black, ordering McNuggets but I’m not the one to do it.

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