Drunk Ninja Stabs Man at Chinese Buffet

Last month while a man was minding his own business standing in line to get food at a Chinese buffet in Dalian, China, a 58-year-old gay ninja named Xu came up behind him and pulled two big ass knives out and started repeatedly stabbing the man. The victim took off running while the crazy ass dude continued walking around while twirling his butcher knives in the air. I love the way the one guy at the table is sitting there like, “Really, motherfucker? You’re gonna interrupt my dinner?” Eventually ninja man Xu chases everyone out and police surround him with chairs and batons and take him down. While in police custody, Xu admitted he had too much to drink and was annoyed because the victim looked him in the eye. Uhm, okay? Sooo.. no looking people in the eye anymore then. I dare a bitch to fuck with my Chinese buffet though. ?

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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