Man Smashed in Motorcycle Accident

Man Smashed in Motorcycle Accident

First of all, Happy Easter, motherfuckers. This guy ain’t having one… actually, he’s never gonna have one again. Dude went full force into a truck and was smashed and dropped on the road like the meat sack he was. Were this a cartoon, I’m sure we would add the accordian effect to the death. Butunlike cartoons, you can’t just put your thumb in your mouth, blow, and pop yourself back into shape.

Now join me in song!

Here comes Peter Rottentail
Hopping down the body trail
Hippity-Hoppity Gore is on its way!

Thanks, @mrspink!

6 thoughts on “Man Smashed in Motorcycle Accident

  1. Jesus Christ Michael Jackson was no match for this guy .
    Its insanely difficult to be breakdancing on the road and yet keeping up to the moon dance act in a traffic flow
    Once again here is awesomeness redefined

    IDK What the fuck that barebodied fella was doing there ?

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