Man Goes Out and Gets Smashed…

Man Goes Out and Gets Smashed...

Here’s another man who decided to spend his Easter getting smashed. Looks like he was riding in the truck when he experienced some technical difficulties and veered off the road. The truck is pretty much destroyed and the man’s body was smashed and tossed onto the road. Looks like his head got knocked into his stomach, also did a killer split.

Props to the Pink!

5 thoughts on “Man Goes Out and Gets Smashed…

  1. Its so bad to see the object and the subject get fucked in the way what we have here Ladies and Gentsmen .
    BTW the commentary did make up up for a good Easter Sunday belatedly
    Of all the things said and done looks like his Easter eggs are seemingly intact .Undertaker will have a muncheon
    Balls is all ya get when you chase a truck …….mutha fuckers

  2. Would it be so bad to pull his legs and straighten him out so we can see how the upper half looks?
    Or that chunk meat laying on the road, they should get a stick and poke at it, you know, see if it’s squishy or sticky, or if it moves….

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