Shredded Hand on the Operating Table

Shredded Hand on the Operating Table

Severely mutilated hand split through the middle in some sort of accident. The medical staff appear to be confident in their ability to save the hand rather than just lop it off. To me it looks like John Carpenter’s The Thing in mid-transformation haha. Modern surgery really is an amazing thing. Shit that once killed us isn’t even a problem worth thinking about any more. And more serious shit like various cancers are becoming more survivable every year. It is truly a wonderful time for us to be alive. Being able to witness the advancement of the human species.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I’m a little late in getting to this but I want to know everyone’s thoughts on the MOAB (mother of all bombs) which was dropped in Afghanistan earlier this week. Too little too late or is it just going to open the flood gates to a nuclear war with North Korea?

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22 thoughts on “Shredded Hand on the Operating Table

  1. It looks like a had a bomb dropped on his hand himself.

    Well, if there were 0 civilian casualties, then I don’t see any problem, but then again, those casualties are usually covered up anyway.

    Don’t know what or who to believe anymore.
    But if that little barking dog in the north wants to get dirty, then I’m sure they’d be blown right off the fucking map.

    Even though my state is a good target for their missiles, I’m not worried about North Korea one bit.
    In fact, I’m more worried about Tyrion Lannister’s survival in Game of Thrones tbh.

        • @re-pete ever since la bamba I’ve always worried about a plane crashing down onto people,me being one,I’ve only flown once and it scared the shit out of me,I won’t do it again..and it was only an hour flight I think,I remember thinking “If this goes down it’s gonna be like a ride to hell scretching down from above uncontrollable and shit”? not like the movies where they land it or sully he was a pro and a hero,with my luck I would have had two drunk pilots

          • @queeg0909
            I don’t plan on going overseas ever anyway, so if I have to get there, I’m driving.
            I may be a day late to the wedding or funeral, but that’s how it’s gonna go.

  2. @obli as far as Moab goes,I think I need a drink..its a real possibility that if we do attack the North,they have agents and provocateurs deeply embedded in the usa,been here awhile most likely, and they would most likely go guerilla and use chem and bio weapons against large populated areas,possibly subways ,sports auditoriums and shit like that..its gonna be bad for all involved …..or as the Irishman said in braveheart…”my God says I’m fine ,but your fucked”…good post bro

  3. Things that used to kill us are no longer a problem, but deadlier things are allways waiting to be developed to take their place.

    As for the MOAB, I just dont know what took them so long to use it in the first place. Maybe due to lack of opportunity? But no, i doubt that will trigger a war with NK, worse things have happened between the US and NK that could have triggered a war between both countries and it never happened, so why would this be it? Remember that NK has declared war on US at least 3 times this last decade, and so far the only thing they managed to do was sinking an US battleship… did that started a war? No.

    • @derkopfsammler that is still a thorn in the US side,they made it into a friggin museum Of propaganda and a shit ton of them visit it daily,I’m leaning toward what @re-pete said earlier,we’ll take them out,but not with out massive loss of North and South souls,I hope your right bro,and that nothing comes of it,but this is trump though so who knows except his zog masters back in tel Aviv,he has already began there biding,I often wonder how the Asiatic nations fit into this scheme

      • @queeg0909 Im sure China and Russia wont tolerate a war breaking out on their backyards… China already said it themselves that nothing good would come for anyone if anything happened now, and im sure everybody would agree on that statement. The first to suffer would be South Korea, NK would just invade it and anex it, China would have to make a decision there since the US wouldnt be with their arms crossed… Japan would get in the middle and probably take an advantage of the momentum and would attempt to take their islands back from China. If China did something, Russia and India would join it… Dunno the stance of BRICS as a whole though, since South Africa and Brazil and members of that alliance, but Brazil as far as im aware is allied to US… so its a bit confusing.

  4. Call Mr.President an ” idiot ” and this is what you get .
    And that’s the way to derat a town infested with ISIS rats .
    The bomb’s use attracted enormous attention, but the aim of the attack was relatively mundane by military standards — to destroy a tunnel and cave complex used by IS fighters in a remote mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan.
    Last read about 200 hidden rats in the tunnel were evaporized
    Wait until Vladimir Putin is called another “idiot” by these vermins and then the Russia will have ” Father of all Bombs” dropped to bring about total semblance of order where dozens of rats are still in the hiding .

  5. I have no business leaving my comments on here, I’m the ultimate hermit. No news, papers, internet or anything like that for me. I just stay with myself even though I live with my family. It’s hard enough that way as it is for me….sorry.

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