Sex Change Procedure: Male to Female

Everywhere you look nowadays someone is coming out as being transgender. Since I only judge know-it-all assholes, whores who think they’re queen bees, and people who wear their pajamas to Wal-Mart.. I have no judgement towards homosexuals or transgenders or any of the other sexual orientation LGBT/ABCDEFGH words that I have no idea what they mean, that’s just my personal opinion. I don’t really care who has sex with who or who feels like a chick and who feels like a dude. Life is too short to not be whoever you want to be. Anyway, back on point, this is a video of a transgender person that was born a male having sexual reassignment surgery to become female. That means Mr. Dick is being turned into Mrs. Pussy. That was my warning to all the boys. Have fun watching. πŸ˜‰

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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      • @kitterz I know this is old but I understand what your son was going through. It all started making sense to me recently. It was explained that your body grows to be one sex in utero but the mind is growing as the other. If you think about it it all makes perfect sense. We know in our mind that hey I’m a chick, or dick, and my mind is the same but in their cases they have extreme dysphoria because the body they’re in doesn’t match up to who they are and tbh FTM is harder especially during puberty when they start growing boobs…they’re foreign objects. I may not fully understand but I’ll accept it all day long because now I know the feelings behind it and I don’t wish that kind of misery on anyone.

  1. I know one person who has had this done, and has regretted it ever since. Regardless of what the surgeons do, they can’t make you what you physically aren’t. My friend basically no longer has any desire for sex ( no shit…you cut off the testicles and you don’t get ovaries), her new vagina doesn’t self lube, but the worst of all, it doesn’t stretch or shrink to accommodate her partner the way a biological woman’s does. Horomone replacement therapy isn’t any help either. The rate of suicide among cross dressers is high, but much, much higher in transvestites. They spend thousands to get what they believe they want, just to find zero sexual gratification afterwords, realizing too late that at least before surgery there was some physical pleasure and release.

  2. This is frightening. Now we have to test our partners with bloody tampons?, see if they can produce eggs?, and check for any Adam’s ?. That’s why I prefer women with large natural breast, because you can’t emulate that in surgery (at least for now)? …

  3. I was not in a hurry to know how they do such transformation… but thanks anyways… 😐

    Also, i like how every single post/article/whatever that i eventually find talking about “sensitive cases” like this its allways 2/3rds to 4/5ths of apologetic nonsense rather than the actual description due to fears of triggering the “offended virgins” and special snowflakes… Luckly there arent any on this site, so no need rise any walls explaining that.

    Honestly, why do posters in any site have to make a huge wall of text explaining that they are not “raiciiizz” or they are not against gays or multi-gendered mental retards or drug/alcohol abusers, whatever? Is it the fear of retaliation for speaking out since their masses are, unfortunatelly, growing larger everyday (ironically due to that irrational fear), and therefore, their once immoral idiocracy is becoming more and more “normalized”, or is there any actual need to let everyone know who’s ground they stand on just to avoid certain comments on the matter?

      • Im not blaming you for it, its just something i noticed in so many sites, that people seem to try to go on defensive before they are even “attacked” for anything that might sound offensive for others, its rather annoying than anything else… 😐 I mean, i understand the will to keep things as chill as possible, and in reality you can never please everybody, but i think this is going too far when they enter that immediate defensive stance from the begining.

        • I get you. I think people doing it for that reason is silly. People are offended way too easily no matter what you do because people are pussies anymore. I express my opinion freely because I want others to express theirs too. Regardless if they agree with me or not. The moment I act like a psychotic raging bitch over a differing opinion is the day that I turn into you know who… which is also the day I shoot myself in the head. ??@derkopfsammler

  4. I think some guys get fucked up in the head as boys, by their man-hating mothers. Mom throws a super-heavy feminist guilt trip on the kid just as he’s going through puberty, and the kid thinks his genitals must be evil. The genitals must go – and what better than turned female like good ol’ Mom.

  5. My brother is gay. Before he came out he felt suicidal. He opened up to me. I’m so glad he is happy with his gender. I don’t know how I would feel if he had a disappointing surgery like that. He and his husband are so happy. He had a hard road to find happiness although he is not cross gender. My heart goes out to everyone who feels like they were born different than society or religion wanted them to be. I’m so thankful my brother found happiness.

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