Venezuelan Girl Stripped Naked, Tied To a Tree and Beat For Stealing

Venezuelan Girl Stripped Naked, Tied To a Tree and Beat For Stealing

I don’t know what the hell this chick stole to get such a beating but it was probably something really stupid. It usually is in these cases. When the video starts.. the girl has already been stripped almost completely naked and is tied to a tree. She is hit in the face and bloodied by both men and women. The info I got was that she.. along with her husband/boyfriend was caught stealing things from several people at a beach in Cagua, Aragua, Venezuela. I can’t stand thieves, so if she was stealing from people.. then she deserved a beating. Get a job and buy your own shit.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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17 thoughts on “Venezuelan Girl Stripped Naked, Tied To a Tree and Beat For Stealing

    • These are actually her friends. She wanted bigger titties but couldn’t afford implants so she did some online research and she thought she could believe everything posted on the internet (because she has a low IQ). A local BDSM chapter (under the guise of health care workers) placed ads offering cheap alternatives in her area claiming she could get bigger tits by slapping them around a bit so she called them up. She wasn’t quite prepared for what they had in store for her after they got mad at her for bringing her BF along.

      It’s kinda like the female relatives in certain African countries that think they can hot iron down young girls newly growing chests to make their boobs look smaller once they hit puberty in an effort to prevent them from being raped by boko haram muslims. Unfortunately, it doesn’t protect the young females and can lead Saw a video about that on either BG or another site. Women do the craziest shit when it comes to their boobs.

      (Ok, I made up that first paragraph but you just never know).

      • (Pushed comment to soon)
        The practice of ironing their chests can lead to all kinds of problems (cysts, cancer, not being able to breast feed, etc) – some of the problems are permanent. Even though it doesn’t work & is very painful they continue to do it.

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