Pretty Brazilian Girl Reported Missing Found Dead

Pretty Brazilian Girl Reported Missing Found Dead

31-year-old, Jaciara Nicacio mysteriously went missing on March 30th, 2017 in Coruripe, Alagoas, Brazil. She was reported missing and apparently the police thought it was serious enough to put in every effort to find her. Surprising because, well, this is Brazil after all. Unfortunately, on April 2nd the body of Jaciara was found in the village of Pond of Pau in the countryside of Coruripe. She had multiple gunshots to the head. Her killer has not yet been found.

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20 thoughts on “Pretty Brazilian Girl Reported Missing Found Dead

  1. Since she still has gold on both wrist I’d assume robbery not motive,maybe someone went downtown and found something they didn’t expect,or just wanted to rape and kill,shit I think she is found in same cloths from pics,same flip flops and blue jeans for sure,plus watch and braclet same as pic,hell maybe fucker that took pics offed her,it is Brazil so you never can tell…

  2. I’m sure many people took pictures of her every single day, so it’s no surprise that somebody would have a picture of her the day she disappeared.
    Most likely killed by an angry ex or jealous boyfriend.

  3. A girl so electric with an oomph and smile like that can make a man forget all his miseries and pains all in a flash .
    I swear a girl like that yeah a girl like that
    is every man’s dream .

    Heartless , remorseless, cruel bastards she could have been the queen of hearts
    she could have balmed away all sorrows and pains yet someone ended her life because jealousy played its part .

    Who the devil in the world can think of killing someone like her .
    I get sad when a beautiful life like this ends up this way.

  4. That looks like some type of work shirt. It has an insignia on the chest and she’s also wearing some sort of name badge around her neck. Maybe this is just her day to day work attire. If that’s so, the pic could have been taken on a different day from the kidnapping and murder. I also don’t see her badge any where in the death photo.

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