Pedophile/Murderer Jumps to His Death Inside Ohio Courthouse

There isn’t much gore to this video but the story behind it is worth posting. The man in the video jumping to his death is 48-year-old Robert Seman Jr. from Ohio. He committed suicide on Monday, April 10th after he attended a status hearing for his trial that was to begin yesterday, April 11th. This piece of shit in the video was being accused of murdering a 10-year-old little girl named Corrine Gump and both of her deaf grandparents when he set fire to their home in 2015. The reason he set the house on fire was because the little girl accused the man of molesting her over the course of four years and was due to testify against Seman the very same day that she was murdered. After the three bodies were found burned in the home in Youngstown, Ohio, police showed up at Seman’s home where they found… guess who? Corrine’s mother. The woman who left her child with her grandparents so that she could live with her own daughter’s rapist and now murderer. Mother of the year right there. When the police found Seman.. he had several burns all over his body and was eventually arrested.

On the day of his death, Robert Seman’s lawyers said that Seman seemed to be in good spirits and was talking about the future of his trial when he decided to jump and end his life. Good riddance.

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25 thoughts on “Pedophile/Murderer Jumps to His Death Inside Ohio Courthouse

  1. Sick fuck indeed, but damn that was a smooth move the way he causally drifted towards the ledge., but I’m surprised his fat ass was able to jump that high ?

  2. I’m no Brad Pitt myself, but damn that dude was ugly ? If he landed on his fat head, it might have improved his looks ?
    I wander what became of that piece of shit mother.

  3. The other sad fact in this story is those two deputies will most likely be fired for allowing this to happen. As a former Air Force cop, I know for a fact all law enforcement are trained for, and are expected to prevent instances where inmates could take their own lives. Should have positioned themselves between him and the ledge before starting down the hall. Sad for them, but hey, saved the taxpayers a boatload of money.

  4. That’d be extremely funny if he couldn’t quite make it over the wall, but then accidentally got bumped over by the deputies who were trying to save him.
    Oh what could’ve been!

  5. He was just some semen who should have got drowned in his own sea of pee.but
    nonetheless though I liked the way Karma did what it does as ever
    …that was to heave his sorry jelly bean arse up and across right where like the pebbles that don’t stop hitting the road and people trample them by walking over and across . .This piece of demon’s shit is Karma rested in endless time warp with no more awakening to go after little innocent ones .

    Corrine Gump you were one sweet little angel and ya are with the good Lord .Be pleased that the dog has done himself to death and patched up flat and rested in a remote mortuary with rodents around him as the only rodenticians

    Bye little darling ! May ya be born an Angel . .

    • @Banned Anna he was a fat fucker too,sucks she couldn’t get away from jabba there,heck he may have gave her some Jesus juice first or whatever it took to sedate possibly,and after four years of continuous molestation she probably couldn’t even fatham running from this “mark” looking fuck….

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