WTF: Cow Milks Man

Have you ever seen a cow give a blowjob? You’re about to. We haven’t had one of these in awhile and it’s always fun to watch something completely ridiculous. The only requirement I have for WTF posts are that I actually say “What the fuck?” out loud after I watch it, and I said it about six times with this one. Normally.. a man milks the cow, but apparently they got together, discussed it and decided to switch roles for a minute. So here’s some cow porn to brighten your day.

Thanks to @sumtingwong2016 for the video. Yes, thanks a lot, Mr. Wong.

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27 thoughts on “WTF: Cow Milks Man

  1. Heyyyy, wait a minute, isn’t this beastiality??? 😉 Or is that when one fucks the cow? Like the hombres in Columbia that would rather fuck a donkey than a woman ’cause of the overbearing catholic influence. Or maybe the donkeys stink less than them Cartagena slum chicas. O.o I must go bleach out my eyes after seeing this a here video. Mr. Wong buy cow, get plenty milk.

  2. just to think I almost missed this post and just watched the newest like I usually do, yesterday a friend of mine showed me a video of a horse that did the nasty to a man and he died from it, and now I see this one grrrrrr why are some people sick like this

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