Restaurant Explosion Causes Man to Be Covered in Boiling Water

An explosion in a restaurant in China caused a man to be covered in boiling water, leaving pieces of skin hanging off of the man’s arms and back. I don’t have any info on what caused the explosion, only that the man was standing next to a tub of boiling hot water used to wash dishes when the water landed all over him when the restaurant blew up. He looks as if he is in shock and doesn’t know what to do or where to go, poor guy. He’s going to have a long and painful road to recovery.

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15 thoughts on “Restaurant Explosion Causes Man to Be Covered in Boiling Water

  1. Just a flesh wound, really though, I feel for the guy. My brother got burned when his home caught fire while he slept. Had to run through the burning house barefoot on burning carpet with flames scorching his back. Long recovery of pain. Grafted skin on him, looks like Freddy Kruger with his shirt off. And that’s just one time he cheated death. Most unlucky lucky man I know.

  2. At least the man bits survived (I think.) When I was 17 I was working as a bus boy at a restar aunt, and the commercial dishwasher had a tray jam. I stopped it, did the lockout tag out, slid the door up and started trying to free the stuck tray. Another bus boy came along, and unlocked the breaker (it wasn’t within sight of the dishwasher) which caused it to suddenly turn on. Instantly, 200 plus degree water spayed my arm causing me to jump, which in turn caused the metal door to slide down pinning my arm. The chef heard me screaming and shut the machine down and freed me. I didn’t need skin grafts, but I don’t wish burns on anyone. They suck bad.

  3. Why oh Why China is a land of misfortunes and mischances !?
    It wasn’t NIANZU’S day .at all as he was only bargaining for a bowl of Wonton Soup. and a plate full of Chicken Chow Mein .
    Its summer time and everything in mainland china simmers sizzles , boils & explodes .

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