Doctor Fixes Ingrown Toenail

Doctor Fixes Ingrown Toenail

It’s Monday and I firmly believe every weekend should be a 3 day weekend…just saying. I won’t give a long explanation of today’s post since the doc goes into plenty of detail. A young guy comes in with a gross ingrown toenail and the doctor performs a procedure to fix the problem. I was honestly expecting him to remove the toenail and was surprised that he went the route he did. It makes sense but I hadn’t seen it before and for some reason this one really made me cringe.

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21 thoughts on “Doctor Fixes Ingrown Toenail

  1. That was toe tally awesome! I can’t imagine how bad that hurt before surgery. I had one that was no where near that bad, and they just trimmed the nail on the affected side and the cut a v into the middle of the nail. That minor one hurt like he’ll every step and God forbid if you stubbed your toe. This guy had to feel like he was walking on needles.

    • Tight shoes caused mine, it gave the nail more curvature, just like this guys, and it was too deep into the skin to cut it out myself.
      Every time I stubbed my toe, there’d be a blood stain on my sock as soon as I’d take off my shoe. That sharp corner was deep in there.
      Talk about a sharp, nerve pain shooting through your entire body when ever it got stepped on or stubbed, worst sharp shooting pain ever.
      I was also 14 when this happened to me, but to this very day, I remember that pain and smell of it like it was yesterday.

  2. The surgeon did it like a wizard especially at times when the procedure appeared to be lengthened but the skilled hands knew how to rivet in to all the necessary details to bring about the outcome as neat as it ought to be
    I must say .Good surgical hands there !
    as for the ingrown toenailed fella he is gonna be twice shy wearing those
    poorly fitting shoes .

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