Woman Killed While Pumping Gas When Her Car Explodes

Around 9:30PM on Saturday, April 8th, 2017.. a woman was killed and three others were seriously hurt at a gas station in Colubandê, São Gonçalo in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when a car that the woman was refueling suddenly exploded. The woman has not yet been identified. I don’t have any info as to why exactly the car exploded but I am definitely going to pray to baby Jesus before I go pump gas again.

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33 thoughts on “Woman Killed While Pumping Gas When Her Car Explodes

  1. The guy at the fuel station looked too restless .There was a moment caught where he kinda knew what was to come and within a fraction of seconds he carefully moved his arse to the more shielded side away from the car which got blasted away to smithereens along with its occupants .As if he had a premonition of some hidden danger
    Could be the handiwork of her man who was pretty sick seeing her often waste money at the gas stations .

    I liked the way from his state of restlessness he woke up to be a firestorm and dashed away as though he never belonged there .

    • Mondays through Thursdays between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM are not busy times at all to refuel where I live, @stonedrocks. Also, there aren’t any lines at the car wash at those times either. This time period should also prevent any type of car jacking or robbery, too. Lastly, you may save a bit versus jacked up prices on Fridays through Sundays. Trust me on this. I’m old. 😛

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