Woman Falls to Death – Impact Included!

Woman Falls to Death - Impact Included!

Short video takes place in what looks to be some African country. A woman is shown hanging by one hand from a balcony. I’m not sure if this was an accident or a suicide but the woman in question appears to be pretty stressed out about her situation (alright, that was an understatement). She yells something at the person filming and then lets go. We follow her down and see her hit the roof of a smaller building. No guts or brains fly out, at least not visible from the height we see it from.

Thanks, Pinky!

UPDATE: Not only did this woman survive the fall with only a broken arm and some other minor injuries, but she was an Ethiopian maid forced to washed the outside of those windows when suddenly falling and holding on saying “hold me, hold me”, before losing her grip and hitting an awning seven floors below. The Kuwait woman initially told authorities that the maid was attempting sucide but the employer is being considered for criminal prosecution due to failure to attempt to help her employee. Bitch was even laughing about it. But would you expect anything other than cruelty from rag heads?

The maid herself refuted her employers claim of attempted suicide:

I was trying to save myself, and run away for fear I would be killed inside the house, away from people’s sight, I love you, I love you for this concern.

Props to RGM member, @derkopfsammler for the info.

Also some pictures of the awning the maid fell on

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15 thoughts on “Woman Falls to Death – Impact Included!

  1. Attempted murder maybe? She could have been leaning out to clean some spots on the windows and then was pushed over, but hung on by her arms. Never mind, I don’t think her employer would be that cruel.

      • yeah, im right with you there pal.
        The fact that this ethiopian woman is in that situation, proves that she had migrated to work..and not scrounge.
        Her “overlord” probably valued her dressed bonobo (or whichever endangered animal she kept as a pet – another thing these gulf richies are notorious for) more than the life of her cleaner/house keeper.
        One source i looked at reported that, as the woman screamed “hold onto me, hold onto me” – the woman filming just replied “oh, come back in here you crazy xxxx”. Filming the incident was probably the nearest thing to work that the evil bitch had ever done.
        Im glad she survived the fall. I Hope she shafts her evil bitch for a good sum. Although, i dont hold out MUCH hope.
        To (mis)quote George Orwell, “some are more equal than others”

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