Man Executed Point Blank in Marketplace

Man Executed Point Blank in Marketplace

CCTV video has captured a broad day light execution of a man in a marketplace. We see normal every day traffic and then a man walks up to the seemingly oblivious victim and shoot him in the head. The man falls and then the killed puts a couple more rounds into the man to ensure the deed has been done. No word on who the man was or what the circumstances surrounding his murder may have been.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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10 thoughts on “Man Executed Point Blank in Marketplace

    • @ Der Kop…Lol…either that flat screen is very small, or that bottle of detergent is huge ?? …. interested in knowing where this happened?…looks like a dirt mall (flea market) ….I myself used to enjoy taking a trip on a weekend to one close to me years ago…for $5 burned/bootleg dvds…which I still have… of Anime porn,regular porn,and Kung Fu flicks, and basically every else that costed $5-$10 like …FLIP FLOPS,cheap sunglasses,incense,brass knuckles,fly swatters,hats,etc. also looks like a Caucasian or Hispanic killed an African.

  1. Some people are afraid of clowns. They’re not who you have to worry about. If years of watching vids like these has taught me anything, it’s that anyone with a motorcycle helmet is immediately suspect, and if they’re walking around with it on, you can just assume they are about to kill, or have just killed. It’s a great way to shield your identity, and everyone knows by the other vids we see here that no one actually wears a helmet when riding a motorcycle or moped! 😉

    • @uniballer good point. I think this was a setup. It’s pure speculation on my part but I had the uneasy feeling the victim and a man out of camera shot were negotiating a price for the girl standing there. She wasn’t shopping. She was just waiting for something.

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