Man Survives Machete Attack with Huge Wound in His Neck

Man Survives Machete Attack with Huge Wound in His Neck

An attempted murder took place on a roadside early in the morning of April 3rd, 2017 in Praia Grande, state of São Paulo in Brazil. The victim was walking along the side of the road when a man jumped out of the bushes and attacked him with a machete, attempting and nearly succeeding in beheading him. He must have thought he killed the victim and just left him for dead, but somehow the man survived and received treatment. Yeah, how did he survive? That is one brutal slice in his neck, how the fuck did he not bleed to death? I can’t even imagine all of the bacteria flooding that wound. No word on his ultimate condition as of late.

Translation is pretty funny:

Garrison military police officer was thrown by the COPOM to offset the occurrence of attempted murder. At the scene, encountered Pablo Patrik das which reported that was approached by male 03, which about violence and threats led to the edge of the watch to avoid your phone and sneakers. At this location, the same would have tried to cut off your head.

Out fires at the site the milkman, civil police and IGP

Remember to avoid your phone and sneakers. Thanks, @mrspink!

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22 thoughts on “Man Survives Machete Attack with Huge Wound in His Neck

  1. According to the vide, he was assaulted with the intentions to rob him. So he punched one of them, but the other had a machette… 😀

    My guess is that his heresy of wearing sneakers rather than flip-flops was noticed… He was outfired at the site by the milkman… 😆

  2. Hey look! It’s Nearly Headless da Silva! He won’t make it into the Headless Hunt either, I’m afraid. That’s okay though. The Headless Horseman cheats and Marie Antoinette always embarrasses herself with her failed attempts at eating dessert.

  3. The machete must have missed his spine, but WHERE is his spine, that’s what I want to know? I’d love to know how he ended up. Did he survive this? As someone else said, there must have been a million bacteria introduced into that wound. I hope he was given a ton of antibiotics.

  4. I guess it could be worse a naked man could have jumped out of the bushes and attacked him with penis!. My uncle Frank used to hide in his hedges naked and when he’d see a car coming he’d jump out, shoot em a double bird, swing his ding in a circular motion and yell fuck you mother fuckers!!!

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