Man Has Maggots Removed From Stumpy Leg

Man Has Maggots Removed From Stumpy Leg

Happy belated Monday…better late than never right? In today’s video we have a man with a stump for a leg (po lil tink tink) undergoing maggot therapy. This, as we all know, has become a popular practice for removing dead, rotting flesh from wounds. However, I have some serious issues with their methods. First of all I’m not sure why that particular bandage was used? I’ve seen other videos with sterile gauze and surgical tape and I have used that particular technique when dressing a family member’s open wounds…minus the maggots. This bandage looks like one giant piece of tape but maybe some of the nurses on here can give some insight? Also that nurse had no idea what she was doing trying to wipe/grab the maggots off of what is clearly a sensitive area and caused the poor guy a lot of unnecessary pain. And the fact that he had to be the one to suggest saline to get the maggots off is pretty sad. In most of the videos I’ve seen they use saline from the start and the patient doesn’t seem to be in much pain, if any. I can only imagine his reaction if they had gone through with the hydrogen peroxide. I’m no expert but it seems these people really didn’t know what they were doing which is unfortunate for him because sometimes your experience can be completely ruined by one idiot or going to a facility that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Been there, done that. And don’t think I didn’t see you pervs pausing to catch a glimpse at his naughty bits!

10 thoughts on “Man Has Maggots Removed From Stumpy Leg

  1. Maybe tapping the side of his stump would knock the maggots out of there, like they do with the old ketchup bottles.
    Peroxide?? Well give him a huge dose of morphine first you ass!

  2. The button he pushed, does deliver morphine IV. The bandage was called OPsite or tegaderm. It’s not fun to remove if it’s been on for more than 2-3 days. The magot removal was the worst I’d ever seen. Wound healing problems could be from diabetes.

    Two words: teaching hospital.

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