Wall Knocked On Top of Passing Biker

Wall Knocked On Top of Passing Biker

Very short video here showing a wall being knocked over in a construction area right as a biker is passing it. The wall comes down right on top of the man and he’s instantly flattened. No hope for this guy or his bike.

Props to @mrspink.

12 thoughts on “Wall Knocked On Top of Passing Biker

  1. Bah what the dickens was that .
    Putting all safety norms on the back burner .The guy on the bike couldn’t be blamed as he just happened to take the road he usually would take . With no signs posted how one would know what in the world is going on and with such large scale excavation happening they should have had blocked both incoming and outgoing vehicular movement .

    Sorry pal it seems your death that day was imminent and there was nothing nobody could do .

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