riGOREmortis is Shutting Down :(

riGOREmortis is Shutting Down :(

I didn’t really get to set up April Fools pranks so well and we all damn well know that this site ain’t gonna go away for long. Bet you snitches got a hard-on from that, huh? Hahaha! Sorry to burst your bubble and chub but we ain’t going nowhere.

I must sincerely apologize to each and everyone of you because of my absence on the site. I knowww, I know, it has been quite a while and I’m sorry. A lot of things came on my end but I did manage to show the site to a lot of people. Yay for publicity! I am gonna continue working on the stuff I have in line for you guys so hold on to your seats.

Well, I ain’t got nothing much to say except that a good prank today can be telling your crush that you love them and if they say no, you can tell them ‘April Fools!’ as gentle tears stream down your face.

Oh and here is a video of a guy getting his face crushed.

This is real though, not a prank. Guy’s head totally got crushed.

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23 thoughts on “riGOREmortis is Shutting Down :(

  1. Hahahaha when you have canines refereeing a certain act expect nothing to go wrong .
    Weight of the stone overweighed the lanky fucker but he still ended up gathering all his wits and muscles to haul it up to give a crushing blow .
    They both seemed to be stone temple pilots

          • @ladybug I highly doubt it. Animals that eat carrions probably would enjoy eating it. I believe brains taste all the same and their consistency are as disgusting as every other… In my country we have the known custom to eat the entire pig rather than just eat its meat, but the people of the north loves the guts and hog heads to eat their brains, tongue and meat surrounding the head, but i never got to eat it myself because im not even a fan of hog meat, let alone their brains… too much fat on it. ๐Ÿ˜† But if its the same as human brains then i might ask a few people that i know that does eat them…

  2. Poor boy he let out few barks though but he won’t stand as a witness for this broad day light murder .
    I liked the way he sat under that lemon tree but I promise he wasn’t his partner in crime .
    Notwithstanding anything I am gonna walk and bring him home and ask him what actually was the reason for that guy to have killed him

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