Man Commits Suicide by Diving Under Truck

Man Commits Suicide by Diving Under Truck

Short video captures the moment a man commits suicide. We see him run and place his head directly under the moving wheels of a passing a truck and his head is popped like a grape. A woman runs and moves him and is clearly distressed by what she has seen. And what we see is some blood and brain matter on the street so it looks like he was quite succesful. I don’t know the circumstances of the suicide and I’m thinking maybe he and the woman were having some kind of argument or on-going issues and the man finally lost it and killed himself. This is pure speculation, of course, but we have seen this time and time again. Men not being able to handle rejection of pussy to the point they will actually off themselves over it. And being Asian that risk of compulsive suicide is even greater.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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11 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Diving Under Truck

  1. No crush or squash no splatter by or on the road no fucking trail of blood …….. Was he an IRON MAN or something .
    But why the fuck was he so bitched to check tire pressure an unusual manner without a pressure gauge

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