Commando Red Member Executed by Rivals

Commando Red Member Executed by Rivals

A member of the Commando Red (Command Vermelho) drug gang in Brazil was captured by rivals and interrogated by his killers before being shot point blank in the head. He’s pretty beat up with a bruised eye so he was subjected to a little torture before being taken to the place he was executed at. The killers actually don’t go too overboard with the overkill this time, only firing a few extra rounds into the dead man.

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11 thoughts on “Commando Red Member Executed by Rivals

  1. Prior to liquidating the Brazilian parrot he was given some real good facials by being thrashed black and blue
    That was funny in the way the victim kept repeating every word his killer spoke and then couple of shots are heard ringing out and victim goes kaput

    Drug is all that’s there on their minds !

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