Two Men Try (And Fail) To Behead a Man

Two Men Try (And Fail) To Behead a Man

The poor fellow in this video didn’t have it bad enough that he was being murdered, but to add insullt to injury, the person they got to do the beheading did a piss poor job and could only slice to the neck bone. Another man comes in to take over and he, too cannot get through the neck bone. He saws and hacks for a bit before giving up. Come on, people. If you are going to behead someone, you have to deliver the fucking goods.

Speaking on delivering the goods, I happened to catch the teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s It earlier this morning. I’ll admit I’m interested. I’m usually one to decry remakes from the rooftops as being utter shit and completely unnecessary. Rare exceptions being The Hills Have Eyes remake, which I consider to be far superior to the original in every way. I’m not too thrilled with the look of the new Pennywise as it looks like they decided to go 100 percent scary instead of keeping the playful asshole version of the original made-for-TV movie version. But I’m not expecting this new guy to try and top Tim Curry’s interpretation of the character, which would be impossible anyway considering it’s one of his best performances. So I don’t know, I was talking to a few people about it today and was wondering if anyone else has any opinions on It and the current state of Hollywood horror.

And props to the Pink!

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19 thoughts on “Two Men Try (And Fail) To Behead a Man

  1. Just looked up the It trailer. It looks ok, but I feel the same way about remakes, and I don’t really care much for modern Hollywood movies anyway. Occasionally, there’s a good horror movie though. Did you see The Witch? It’s amazing, I didn’t think they made movies that good anymore.

    • @gentlenatureman
      I watched the trailer, and i must admit my interest is stirred.
      I guess a remake is well timed, considering the whole “creepy clown appearance” craze of the last year
      I too am no big fan of remakes, and although tim currys portrayal of pennywise was masterful – i found the crab-spider monster at the end of the original film/mini series a great big letdown. So i hope at least that the remake delivers some improvement on that

  2. They say never leave your blades rusted .Two of the dicks to deliver goods were good for nothing and the neck of the fella they were after still seems intact .There isn’t a knife in sight so sharp to decapitate and its a crying shame .
    For fuck sake learn your lessons well and have some videos watched of ISIS and the way they do it in desert town

  3. That shit looks painful as fuck. I saw the ‘it’ trailer, I’m excited for ‘it’. ‘It’ looks like ‘it’s going to be pretty damn good. Don’t fuck this up for me hollywood, I honestly gave up on you back when you made the Prince of Persia movie. Loong ago mutherfuckers, don’t fuck ‘it’ up….

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