Sky Divers Bail From Burning Plane

Sky Divers Bail From Burning Plane

Hey guys. I don’t have any info on this video other than what is presented to us. Skydivers are shown preparing to jump when they clip another plane passing under them. The wing of the plane is knocked off and the plane goes careening out of control. View from one of the diver’s cameras catches the plane literally exploding soon after they exit. Fucking scary shit right here.

Any sky divers in the audience who wanna talk about their experiences? Anyone ever have something fucked up happen to them during a jump?

Thanks, Pinky!

14 thoughts on “Sky Divers Bail From Burning Plane

    • Good Lord, amazing video. Perfect timing if you had to get hit at least the lucky ones were ready to jump. Insurance has gotta be expensive and I wouldn’t fault any company that didn’t want to assume the risk on these shitty single engine craft. Maybe it just seems they crash a lot ’cause of being sensationalized by the MSM. It is said the statistics show air travel is safer than driving, but screw it if I’d go up in a crappy Cessna, they have even taken out jetliners!.

  1. The metal bird was packed in more like a tin of sardines .
    Looks like it was a set up cause until the last man baled out the bird wasn’t on fire but as soon as it happened the fire was seen engulfing the plane and all of them looked pretty hip and cool mid air.

    The funkiest part is ya could sense it from the very start that this sortie was all about sensationalism

  2. My grandparents lived in a small town about an hour and a half south of Atlanta called Jackson, GA. Their backyard backed up to a field which was the landing place for a local skydiving company. Everytime we visited we would go out back, cross the railroad tracks and watch the divers while eating our ice cream cones. One Sunday afternoon we watched as 3 men and 1 woman jumped from the plane. They all free fell and one by one pulled their parachute cords. All opened except for one of the mens. We watched as he barrelled towards earth and could hear his screams. He hit feet first and his feet drove into the ground up to mid calf, and that man remained in an upright, standing position. I member my pawpaw saying that he looked like a stiff 2×4 sticking up from the ground. Lol. After seeing that, I knew that I wanted to see shit like that on a daily basis. Guess that’s why I’m interning at the Coroner’s office….. Anyway, that’s my skydiving story. Lol

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