Man Swallowed By Giant Python

Man Swallowed By Giant Python

On Sunday night.. 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro went missing while harvesting palm oil in his village in Indonesia. When Akbar did not return, his friends and relatives became concerned and set out to search for him. When they got to Akbar’s garden they found a giant python that was 23 feet long laid out across the ground. Fearful that the man had been suffocated and swallowed by the snake the villagers cut it open to find that their fears were true. The python had swallowed Akbar whole. The video shows them cutting open the snake and finding their friend’s body inside.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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21 thoughts on “Man Swallowed By Giant Python

  1. No no no, I would straight kill a 23 footer, JK. I would do the ol’ soil myself and run like hell leaving the track of cowardice behind me as I (did the run of a man who just filled his britches, cowboy run out of the cartoons) begged for the poor snake to rethink its decision.

  2. Good for python to have swallowed Akbar. Its not always the same for Akbars to chant ALLAHU AKBAR and go Scot free .
    On a second thought ; the python didn’t like Akbar rubbing palm oil to his crotch even though the garden was his .

  3. This probably sounds cruel, but I do feel bad for that snake rather then that dumb person that probably was messing with it to get aten by it. They should have just left that snake alone to live out its life but now its dead. poor snake

      • Snakes are ambush hunters. The guy just walked too close to where the snake was waiting for dinner. I have owned that species of snake. If you annoy them they will bite you and let go so they can bite you again if you haven’t learned. This snake was hungry and had to work to swallow even a small framed human. It didn’t even leave the area like it did something wrong, it just took them all day to notice it.

  4. How frightening is that?! You suddenly feel something clamp down on your leg and next thing you know you’re bones are being crushed and you’re struggling to breathe as it coils itself around you squeezing you harder each time you exhale until you can’t take any more air in. Then it’s lights out as you’re prepared to be turned into snake poop ?

  5. That would have been incredible to see and I’m sure it left a pretty bad taste in the snake’s mouth, too. The guy probably never saw it coming. It’s what they do as ambush predators. Meanwhile, Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil and their production is expected to double from 2010 to 2030.

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