Man Breaks Leg Doing Leg Presses

Man Breaks Leg Doing Leg Presses

Ouch! A man is shown being video taped while he is doing leg presses at a gym. Everything seems all well and good as he’s pumping his iron and then… the weight comes down and knocks his leg out of position and snaps it. Second video shows the aftermath of the accident and the man laying there in pain. For you weight lifters out there, this goes without saying, be the fuck careful! Even still, accidents like this can and do happen. So be awar!

Props to the Pink!

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24 thoughts on “Man Breaks Leg Doing Leg Presses

  1. So ya go to the gym to be slim and trim and think you can pump enough iron but not in this case as the machine wasn’t impressed at all with his performance

    Pity he won’t be able to stand and shag anymore let alone screw the ladies in a standing posture .

  2. Bad technique is to blame here, not the amount of weight. Any trainer will tell you to never lock your knees on leg presses; always stop just short of the full extension to prevent it. I’ve seen similar vids of this injury type with far less weight, but the same root cause.

  3. I know it’s bad, but my urge to laugh is as strong as my urge to cringe ???
    His tight shiny spandex pants and colorful blue and pink shoes tell me he was probably more interested in impressing the dudes more so than the ladies No offense, just saying ?
    But seriously, his leg is fucked. I really can’t believe he didn’t make more noise than that! I would’ve screamed likea little bitch ?

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