Couple Swept Away by the Ocean, Man Returns as Bloater

Couple Swept Away by the Ocean, Man Returns as Bloater

Three people were taking pictures on the rocks when two were suddenly struck by waves and dragged into the ocean. The incident occurred in Praia de Laguna, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The victims were identified as 19-year-old Amanda Maria Roque and 25-year-old Leonardo Santos. Life guards were alerted by the panicked cousin of one of the victims who was left on the rocks. He tried to calm the couple in the water and even managed to grab hold of Amanda’s hair at one point before they were pulled apart by the powerful water. The cousin was rescued and taken to Laguna Hospital. The couple were lost and reported as drowned. Leonard resurfaced on a beach a few days later as a bloater. lips, eyes and nose eaten away and the skin swollen and turned to a creamy pus color. Amanda’s body has not yet been recovered.

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Video of the panicked cousin talking to the victims.

12 thoughts on “Couple Swept Away by the Ocean, Man Returns as Bloater

  1. The undertow is a motherfucker, I’d rather drown and become a bloated fish magnet than be eaten alive by a shark though. If I am ever in the situation of being shark bait, you bet your ass I’m going under and sucking in all the water I can.

  2. What the fuck were they doing when they got swept away ?! .Its more like the couple were having some steamy sex on the rocks and suddenly one gigantic wave pulled them out in to the sea all unaware the next moment .
    There was a dude filming them and in all probability they were up for a threesome at some point in time .
    Undermine the power of blessed sea and this is what happens .

  3. Its not often how and why stormy waves go after freak couples its just that when the couples think the nature is all to themselves its when they foolishly embolden out and take to the sea then the disaster of epic proportions awaits .
    This post has the male bloater with a face plant ……and thinking of the chick no prize for the right guess ……….for now she is a mermaid with her tits out to allow for sea Gods to suckle deep in the ocean.

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