Head Births Ball of Parasite

Head Births Ball of Parasite

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post features a nasty parasite that us gore lovers have probably seen before. This little shit is called Echinococcus which infects its hosts by being ingested. It can remain in the body for years without showing any symptoms but will form slow growing cysts that can travel to various parts of the body such as the brain which we see here. The cyst will incubate the parasite for months or even decades.

In the video we see doctors cutting open the skull and slowly but surely they manage to squeeze out a giant cyst. I can’t imagine what that would feel like pushing against my brain. I’d like to take this opportunity to say stay the fuck away from me Echinococcus!

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31 thoughts on “Head Births Ball of Parasite

  1. That’s the stuff of true nightmares unbeknownst that some aliens can invade and reside within you
    And while the surgeons ripped open that skull that large balloon sized cyst sent shivers down my spine .
    Imagine some alien parasitical form feeding on to the insides of you and you have no inkling whatsoever until its too late and you know its ready to explode and shut your living daylights off.

    The thought of ’em monsters invading our bodies is kinda harrowing.???

      • Infection from a parasite, those nasty microscopic creatures who merrily hang out in water, soil and even in the air can be life threatening We take our lives for granted but a little nick or a small wound sometimes shouldn’t be ignored cause ya never know what on the quiet may just slip past right though your skin in to the deeper recesses of your innards where when it grows even the surgeons will face a nightmare extricating it to the outside to relieve ya from the monster that fed on to your guts for years from the inside of ya making you feel breathless ,infirm and hollow all along .
        Alas this body of ours sometimes just fails to detect foreign body invasions .if only it was better hard wired to expel demons right at the doorstep ..then we’d be kinda super humans .

        • Jeff Hanneman from Slayer had gotten bit by an unknown bug (more than likely a brown recluse) and didn’t do anything about it for a week or two and ended up with necrosis in his arm, sorta ended his playing days till he passed away from serous of the liver. RIP Jeff, you were my hero.

          • I think parasites are beyond fascinating. When I was screwing around with what I wanted to do with my life being an entymologist was one of them. They’re just amazing. Imagine they’ve been here longer than us feeding off of living things even taking over a host turning them into zombies. You must admit that’s pretty much fucking awesome

          • Jeff must have watched it happening in sheer horror but there was nothing he could do .Even the SCIENCE had no clue until it was too late .Imagine an artist of his statute who held the audience in awe in many of his gigs was a goner just because of a monster who felt its time to suck away on Jeff’s precious life .
            Bloody nasty bitch who stop at nothing
            To invade reside and kill is their sole mission.

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