Killer Beheaded and Hacked Up in Prison

Killer Beheaded and Hacked Up in Prison

Amateur video from a Brazilian prison show’s the aftermath of a brutal murder of a prisoner by other inmates. The man was beheaded (not shown in video) and then hacked at with implements of hell wielded by the maniacs he was housed with. Blood flows along the floor and the air must be alive with frenzy as murder is the order of the day every day in this part of the world. Brazil is a demon that feeds on the blood offered it and it demands more! Blood for the blood god! Haha, sorry… must have got caught up in it myself.

Info that came with the video alleges that the man had killed his own mother, hence the carnage which befell him. @derkopfsammler, can you verify or make anything of significance out?

Props to the Pink!

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20 thoughts on “Killer Beheaded and Hacked Up in Prison

  1. When ex-president Barack Obama gets convicted for his crimes, the US needs to ship him and Hillary to this prison in Brazil. The USA can pay Brazil for housing them the rest of their lives (however long/short that might be). And those inmates in Brazil can have some fresh meat to have fun with.

  2. Someone here is failing to get my suggestions to those guys in Brazil. They need to chop the head off/kill their victims LAST. First, they need to humiliate the victim by stripping him naked, hanging upside down by the ankles, and slicing off the penis and balls, and giving them away as trophies to the crowd. Then, they extend the agony by cutting off the fingers and toes, then the hands and feet, then arms and legs. Only after the extremities have been removed one by one, then they can slice off the head.

    • Ha! Hacked at with implements of hell, novel quality opening @Obli ! @xizang My, I thought those prison boys were depraved, but they’re complete amateurs compared to what forms of hell you could raise upon some deserving POS! πŸ˜‰

      • I’m really a nice guy, who enjoys seeing a little gore on occasion. I lack motivation to really fuck up anyone – though I know I could if someone went out of their way to fuck with me or mine. If someone brutalized my close friend, family or pets, I’m afraid of what I would be capable of. In which case, the process of hanging them nude by the ankles, cutting off their penis and balls, then fingers and toes, etc. etc. would just be an appetizer before the main course.

        • @Xizang Ha! Gore for any occasion. Fur sure, don’t eff with family. And the story stated the malandro merda in the video killed his mom. Then he got what he deserved and he got off easy. Killing mom, that’s the lowest, someone that stuck a tit in his mouth and cleaned his ass. Now letting dad have it if he starts popping off this fat mouth while being belligerently drunk, then eh . . . πŸ˜‰

  3. Its just the kinda of befitting punishment one deserves when they kill their very own .
    A video in here of beheading would have been a big plus but nonetheless even the pictures for now will suffice .
    Why just the head was hacked and why rest of his body was left intact ? His entire self actually should have been minced and fed to hungry dogs and caught on camera and that would have pleased me to no end .

  4. Sorry @obli , i cant understand what they are saying in there because the audio is kinda fucked up for me, i tried to download the video but the result was even worse, whats up with that? It only happens on this site though… 😐 But they did mentioned something about him at the end once they’re done maiming him with that iron.

    • ive noticed the same with some of the audios.
      I get the same kind of “electronic-ky echo” distortion when i try to compress some films to minimum size (sacrificing audio quality), and although i cant explain what exactly causes it, and am not expert, i would say that it is due to compression and/or coding process rather than being created during the actual capturing of the video

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