Kid’s Head is Smashed, Eye Popped Out

Kid's Head is Smashed, Eye Popped Out

Hello Gorriors! What we have here is what used to be a young boy who was involved in a motorcycle accident and his head was run over. The high pressure of a tire rolling over his head caused him to pop his brain out like a big, bloody zit. Also of interest is one of his eyes also popped out of its socket, making for a creepy death stare. Well, more like a death wink, considering the other eye remains closed. No details on the who, what, when, where and why but brutal death for one so young. Looks like it was quick, though, so I guess that’s a plus?

Thanks to @mrspink!

13 thoughts on “Kid’s Head is Smashed, Eye Popped Out

  1. Goddamn. When i see shit like this, i remember our vital organs really aren’t very well protected. So many things all around us every moment of everyday that can pop our fragile little brains out. ?

  2. I fucking don’t understand why do people have to ride their 2 wheelers as if there won’t be no tomorrow .
    By the looks of it it isn’t hard to tell where it may have
    emerged from,,,,,, its more like somewhere from one of those lands where slant eyed dicksters give a heck about safety norms in their day to today lives My guess is as good as anybody’s and it could probably be form south east Asia .
    Death just happened to bid goodbye through his eye sockets .

      • @Trainwreck aka Ellen Reckless is as reckless does no matter what
        I do appreciate your sentiments but what do ya do to the kids who turn a deaf ear and heed no advice and meet a gory end .
        The subject here off course as you pointed out wasn’t that young as he appears to be
        and ye know damn well that good life awaits those who treat life as it should be .
        Kids are important no matter where they are from only if they come well disciplined with good human morale and ethics

    • So that explains why she is always there at the right time to get some perfect videos. Like a fireman that is an arsonist. This kid would be popping zits bigger than that if they made it to their teens.

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