Girl Gets the Shit Beat Out Of Her For Stealing

The girl in the video is Janiice Fernanda from Pernambuco, Brazil. She is getting the shit beat out of her because she had been stealing small amounts of money and drugs from drug dealers. She seems to be taking it like a champ though. The men in the video cut her hair and smash her hands and head over and over. They then strip her naked and chase her while continuing to beat her. They chase her across a street and the video ends but the beating didn’t. Awhile later the men came back for more and beat her even worse than the first time. Janiice survived but is still in serious condition in a local hospital. Girl, what were you thinkin’.

Thanks to @MrsPink

18 thoughts on “Girl Gets the Shit Beat Out Of Her For Stealing

  1. WORST OF THE WORST is the word when Brazil is to be described .
    These motherfucking dopesters know no humility no fucking compassion ………all that bravado is clearly under the spell of drugs that too against a girl of such young age .who could be of one of their daughter’s age
    Alright she’s been stealing ….so isn’t there a second chance she deserves to get reformed and be a better person in life ! It’s pathetic and downright disgusting .

    Brazil needs to go off the world map the sooner the better .

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