12-Year-Old Girl Scalped by Go-Kart

I have had really long hair all my life and this has to be one of my top 10 worst fears. A 12-year-old Brazilian girl was riding a go-kart at Kartodromo de Anapolis in Brazil on Sunday, March 19th.. when her long hair wrapped around the axle and scalped her. I’ve seen several people that have been scalped, like this girl but none as bad as this little girl. I can’t imagine how much pain she was in mentally and physically and will continue to be in for awhile. Apparently being scalped by a go-kart is not such a rare thing. This is the second one to happen at the very same place. Hopefully the little girl has a great doctor and won’t have too much permanent damage. She is still in ICU and in serious condition as of yesterday.

Thanks to @mrspink!

38 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Girl Scalped by Go-Kart

  1. Why does it have to be Brazil with its gates of hell kept opened up even for a teen .
    Where are the bastards of biker duos spread across lengths and breadths of Brazil who actually should be meeting this kinda fate on and off round the clock to deliver the land of favelas from the evil .
    Its truly sad to see her lose those long beautiful hair .
    Here is hoping she may recover soon and be on her feet again .

    Meanwhile We at the rigormortis won’t stop praying for her

  2. Do they usually just sew the scalp back on? I wonder it will continue to grow hair or if was too damaged. Poor little girl. She had such long beautiful hair. Definitely should have had it tied up somehow. They should cover those axles too. Especially since it’s happened more than once. Thanks @mrspink and @yournextexgirl

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