Woman Caught Under Truck Gets Leg Shredded

Woman Caught Under Truck Gets Leg Shredded

This woman wanted to practice the enviable art of shredding… her own legs as she slid under a truck on her motorcycle. She got stuck and we see the aftermath of her struggling to get out from under the vehicle while shredded flesh hangs from her mangled legs, the one nearly amputated. She lost a lot of blood and she’s lucky to be alive, let alone conscious so kudos to her for being hardcore but it may be a while before she rides a bike again. Uh, actually I think her riding days are over. Unless you count wheelchairs.

Thank the Pank!

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8 thoughts on “Woman Caught Under Truck Gets Leg Shredded

  1. I dunno why people love riding under a truck as if that’s where they can really hone up the skill of riding a bike or may be the very reason they decide to do so when they think its safe to be sheltered under the hood rather be out there exposed on the road .
    She would have done herself a favor if she had quit riding a long time ago .

  2. I couldn’t believe she was alive AND conscious! Fuck! I’m sure she was thinking, “excuse me kind sir, would you mind putting down the motherfucking cell phone for 5 seconds and help me outta here?!”

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