Guts Explode From Man Run Over by Truck

Guts Explode From Man Run Over by Truck

Here’s something rather bizarre. A Chinese man stops his truck on the side of the road at a construction site and gets out to look back at something. As he continues to stand in the road, another truck lazily backs up over him. You can see his guts come spilling out from the pressure of the tires rolling over him. Neither man nor driver noticed the accident that was about to occur. I wonder what held the victim’s attention? Come on, guys, tell me what you think was so mesmerizing!

Thanks, @mrspink!

17 thoughts on “Guts Explode From Man Run Over by Truck

  1. First up when he alighted …… I thought the guy was inspecting if anything caught the wheels of his truck ……..Unbeknownst of what was to come he simply hung up there as if the busy way was his park and that was a grave mistake .
    My hair stood at the back of my neck when he got run over by someone who hardly paid scant regard to a life which he very well might have had seen .makes me wonder how lazy the chinkies can be
    Lesson to learn : Don’t go down that road where you don’t belong
    Gods of doom now that was some live gut spillage caught on camera for the first time where a driver got himself deconstructed .
    Finally ……..Thanks a ton for your humble contributions
    @mrspink keep up the good work!

  2. I think there was an accidental and the guy pulled over to see. Transfixed on what was happening another truck seeing the same thing backed up to see what was happening as well. However the first guy was in the trucks blind spot and backed up over him….That’s all I got

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