Man Shot in the Hand for Stealing

Man Shot in the Hand for Stealing

Brazil doesn’t fuck around when it comes to justice. And in that respect I admire them. A man here was caught stealing from some people who shouldn’t have been fucked with and the thief is forced to hold his hand and another man then shoots him in his palm. Image above shows the man in the hospital with exposed bone and a gaping hole in his hand. Guess he will think twice about stealing next time.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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10 thoughts on “Man Shot in the Hand for Stealing

  1. Wow ! so there won’t be no need to carry a wallet as he can easily stash some stolen cash in there not to forget some of the ciggies and still scream out saying ..
    everybody listen up that’s my white money !
    Also It will serve to be a big fuck hole so no need for him to go buying fleshlight or masturbators .

    Fuck ya . people can be so Goddamned plainly ignorant of the public justice meted out there that they still dare to do what they like. …..but everything wrong

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