Baby Found Mangled in Garbage Truck

Baby Found Mangled in Garbage Truck

A disturbing find was made by garbage men in Brazil. The remains of a baby was found in the compactor of the truck and needless to say, it was in a badly mangled state and it’s unknown right now if the baby was alive when tossed into the garbage or if it was already dead when bagged and tossed by whatever piece of shit birthed it.

Props to the Pink!

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7 thoughts on “Baby Found Mangled in Garbage Truck

  1. We have that happen here in America every day, too. It’s called Planned Parenthood. Being male I don’t pretend to be able to fully understand an unwanted pregnancy from a woman’s perspective, but I have to wonder why if the mother doesn’t want the child while it’s in her it’s okay to kill it, but the second it’s born, killing it is murder.

  2. What kinda garbage the human hearts in Brazil are !?…..
    is beyond any sane mind .
    All that fucking libido they have in their poverty stricken crotches amazes me to no end cause they hardly can afford to have square meals a day but when it comes to sex murder rapes and hostility and barbarity … the place has no equal .
    RIP little angel

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