Bottle Removed From Man’s Ass

Bottle Removed From Man's Ass

These are always a hoot. A man is shown lying on the operating table and hello! The best part is the reaction of the doctors and nurses in attendance haha. I don’t understand this though. We’ve all seen girls swallow foot long dildos with their pussies and asses and they don’t have any problem removing it so why do dudes always need to be sedated and operated on? My ass is exit only so maybe I’m just not seeing something… or in this case feeling something?

Anyway, thanks @mrspink!

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22 thoughts on “Bottle Removed From Man’s Ass

  1. Yeah, why didn’t Bruno’s little Asian boyfriend need to have the champaign bottle surgically removed from his ass when Bruno was done pouring the glasses??? 😉

  2. He took it all up his arse with the crown .
    By the looks of it his anal cavity must have felt real horny and that explains why even the refrigerated bottles of Beverages go unspared in their part of the world .
    Hahahaha his arse now looks like a giant crater .
    For sure that hole is gonna take sometime to heal .

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