Dirt Bike Rider Nails Girl

Dirt Bike Rider Nails Girl

Dirt bike rider with a Go Pro on his helmet is riding along a track with ramps when he gets some decent air. After another jump we see that two girls are walking up the track he is on and he comes right down on top of one of the girls. Nothing he could have done about it. And what the hell were they doing walking on a track obviously made for riders? She doesn’t look too badly injured though. At first I thought we were gonna get a face shredding from the tire like in Death Proof, but not today…

Thanks to @mrspink.

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9 thoughts on “Dirt Bike Rider Nails Girl

      • I wouldn’t wish tit-rot on anyone but muslim terrorists. However, who knows what triggers breast cancer? Some say that if a woman hasn’t breast-fed babies, that could lead to breast cancer. So can not being married or with a steady lover who gives the breasts constant handling and stimulation. If an injury caused breast cancer, then at least most female boxers and wrestlers would have it. Same for female soldiers.

        Cancer runs in my ex-wife’s family, and now our daughter has cancer. So I think that a genetic tendency toward cancer probably influences it most.

    • Ha! A stray flip flop strewn nearby, someone struck by a motor vehicle. In Brazil it’s usually a bloody ending, but in an Anglo country everything turns out fine. 🙂 Like somebody walking on the railroad tracks, them iron rails a pretty good indicator something huge and bone crushing could come along at any minute.

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