Baby Girl Born With Heart Outside Her Body

Baby Girl Born With Heart Outside Her Body

On March 1st of this year, a baby girl was born with her heart beating outside of her body. This condition is called Ectopia Cordis and is extremely rare. She was born in the Dhubri district of Assam, India, and is being kept in an ICU there. She is due to be moved to a more equipped hospital where surgery can be performed. Due to the attention the little girl is getting.. the government of India has agreed to pay 100% of all costs for her surgery. Go India. Unfortunately, this disease has a very high mortality rate. Only fifty known cases worldwide have reached the age of 12 and over. Hopefully the baby pulls through.

Below is a picture of an 18 year old man named Arpit Gohil from India who has in fact survived with Ectopia Cordis. Although.. it would take only one hard bump or fall to instantly kill him.

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    • Luckily for us 95% of this kind of unfortunate crap happens in India! (Hopefully no one from India is reading this!) They’re all from there – babies with outside hearts, four legs, one arm, two heads, 18 toes, tail, sideways brain, front butt, etc.

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