Crocodile Attacks Circus Performer

Annnnd the award for Dumbass of the Week goes to… this guy. In the Thanh Liem District in Ha Nam Province, north-eastern Vietnam, a circus performer is shown putting on a show with a six foot long crocodile for the audience. One of the handlers is shown stroking the croc to calm him down while the performer leans closer to the reptile and then finally puts his head between the crocodile’s jaws. Smart idea, right? Because that big mean ass animal will be perfectly fine with that. While the performer’s head is between the croc’s jaws.. he yells into the microphone which is probably what startled the crocodile and made him flip out and bite down. I don’t feel bad for the dude one bit. If you’re stupid enough to put your face near an animal like a crocodile, then you deserve what happens. The performer is in the hospital but will survive.

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21 thoughts on “Crocodile Attacks Circus Performer

  1. Vietnam is the asian florida. People cant drive, tourists think we exist for them, and rednecks are putting body parts in toothy animals. Fun fact, in florida its illegal to have sex with with a porcupine, its own law aside from the obvious because SOMEBODY just had to do it…….. with a porcupine……

      • @deathoverdue ya depending where you are at in FL you can stumble upon some seriously backwoods swamp people type deal. Lol my close friends grandma still lives in the house that her dad built and mom gave birth in. Also the same place where you can see a wild panther still walk across your property. Although the goverment will tell you that we are to far north and there is no real population but thats total BS because ive seen them tracks out on the goverment land! (Not kidding)

  2. Haha I like to imagine the woman shouting at the end is saying ‘hey buddy stay still so I can get a close up! I payed good money to see you get bit!’ ? I mean that’s what the audience is secretly hoping for right?

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