Machinery Removed From Man’s Leg

Machinery Removed From Man's Leg

Wow this looks painful! Don’t know exactly how this happened but this man got some kind of machinery, what looks like a thresher, stuck in his leg. Somehow the man’s leg wasn’t shredded to ribbons in this accident. Even more importantly, his member seems to have escaped harm altogether. And the machinery is successfully removed from the man. The doctors look very pleased with themselves. They then proceed to drop the thing on the man’s junk… ok, I made that last part up.

Props to the Pink!

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17 thoughts on “Machinery Removed From Man’s Leg

  1. “Congratulations! It’s a farm implement! Have you selected a name?”

    “Yes doctor. We have named it Tiney.”

    Point of order…

    Surgical masks do not work properly when worn below the nose. Or maybe snot is part of the treatment there. My bad.

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