Two Boys Found Viciously Mutilated

Two Boys Found Viciously Mutilated

Video here shows the aftermath of what must have been a motorcycle accident… right? We see two young boys, one with his throat ripped open and head over his shoulders like superman gave him an uppercut. The second body is found further away and his guts have been pulled out and are laying on his body. Usually when we see this type of body manglenation is after a motorcycle accident. However, there is no vehicles around so maybe it wasn’t an accident. Maybe … it was Chupacabra?

Thanks, Pinky!

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17 thoughts on “Two Boys Found Viciously Mutilated

  1. Sometimes riding a bike can be such a hard thing to do
    Fucking hell! yeah !!!!!

    Didn’t I tell ya ……..Smart arse riders always end up this way
    but hey hey hey Out of intrigue sir …..where the fuck the bike the two were riding is ??

  2. Damn those two are fucked up! I thought I saw the first one move his shoulder but maybe it was just the video or my eyes went crossed looking at it…lol, my mind is way out there. Insanity and all… Really just delusional. And medication. And depressed. And anxious. And nervous.?

    • Pretty sure he finished twitching a while back @deathoverdue ?

      If this was a motorcycle accident wouldn’t it more likely be on a road? Unless we’re talking dirt bikes?

      The one with the neck looks like a strange new species or something ?

  3. This was no accident, it was mos likely done by some savage man with a blade.
    He had trouble beheading the boy, so it looks half-assed.
    I just assume an animal would have stayed with the one victim/prey, while the other would have had time to get to safety.

    • @re-pete Pakistani truck stop killing no doubt. Majority of men fuck little boys and keep them along their bus or truck for companionship because these men don’t bring their women outside much and don’t uphold women in high regards over there. Shameful and sick shit goes on over there. I checked out some youtube on the poor children over in Pakistan.

  4. seems to be on the side of a road. They may have flew away from the road where the accident has happened. It does seem like a bike accident. You can hear a horn at a point and the two people standing to the side more towards the end seems like they are by the road side.

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