Girl Beaten, Then Has Convulsions

Girl Beaten, Then Has Convulsions

Young woman was abducted in the land of drugs and flip flops where she is then taped being beaten. First the men who took her make her hold something on her head and then someone brings a large piece of wood right down on top of her head. She is then punched in the face several times and falls to the ground. She then appears to have some kind of seizure possibly due to brain damage or maybe her Brazilian genes just finally kicked in at that moment, who knows. The men sit her up and tell her that she’s alright but I’m not so sure. Don’t know what this was about just another day in Brazil.

Thanks, @mrspink.

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22 thoughts on “Girl Beaten, Then Has Convulsions

  1. What finally are the derivatives for the fuckers who caused the woman seizures ? Add to that blaring voices of the men around her are nothing short of some acids pouring in .
    Watching the video was convulsive enough and Brazil as ever hasn’t got anything better to offer except umbrage

  2. So sad…she went from a cute vibrant although scared living person into a paralyzed comatose retard in an instant…thanks to the evil Brazilian behavior.
    Wonder if there’s any good left at all in Brazil…someone who could make an honest fortune being an avenging angel for hire. Finding and killing all these murderers,gang members who are on video committing these horrible crimes,and executions on (somewhat) innocent civilians.

  3. As we have all seen this is what happens to people who steal in Brazil. She prob stole it and then got punished then the guy she stole it from was allowed to beat her ass for a period of time. That’s why they kept saying she was ok because at that point the punishment had been carried out and forgiven.

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