The Akademgorodok Maniacs

I am reading very conflicting information on these videos and can’t be 100% but here is what I’m getting. The Akademgorodok Maniacs or the Academy Maniacs were a group of boys from Russia who murdered 6 people and severely injured several others from December 2010 to April 2011. Only two boys, Artyom Alexandrovich Anoufriev(18 years-old) and Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin(17 years-old), both from Irkutsk, Russia.. were arrested and convicted for the murders. Lytkin’s uncle became suspicious when he found a video of the boys mutilating a dead woman’s body on his camera and turned them in. The killers confessed to the crimes and the media claimed they were influenced by reading about Alexander Pichuskhkin and the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs online. They admitted they intentionally chose vulnerable, drunk, and weak victims. On April 2, 2013, Anoufriev was sentenced to life imprisonment and Lytkin was sentenced to 24 years.

There’s very little about this case online, but during the first video.. the woman is seen being stabbed and hit repeatedly over the head with a shovel. A man is also seen being beat with a baseball bat and hit over and over with a heavy brick. In the second video the boys are shown mutilating the body of the dead homeless woman. I can honestly say that the first video is one of the most infuriating videos I’ve ever seen, and I hope the pieces of shit get what’s coming to them in prison.

If anyone knows more accurate information, please let me know so I can correct it.

20 thoughts on “The Akademgorodok Maniacs

  1. Wow…I just ….Had to stop … I couldn’t just sit and watch that woman be killed for nothing …that’s was ceaselessly senselessly brutal… I just couldn’t sit and watch someone beaten to death for no reason….damn… I don’t watch beheading videos either nothing from Isis either …I don’t see the point…. enough

    • @bigbadbear place needs a damn Charles Bronson to walk through there and waste those bastards,if your gonna kill someone why a poor homeless lady or guy,not to mention the dead dogs and cats,why not the mayor of that fucked town…i couldnt make it thru the 2nd,once he stabbed the chics eye it was over…is this the future of the youth on our planet or just couple fucked teenagers. you said the one place they felt safe,turned into there nightmare

  2. They would make perfect candidates for NWO LE! This is what they systematically do every day to the homeless, elderly, children, the marginalized and the disabled. This brutal abuse is much more common than we think. Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t get their queues from LE videos, too. After all, there are many more of those floating around “teh interwebs”.

    • Right, the experiment is about over and it appears to be a failure. Horrible, soulless little bastards. Unfortunately there’s more were they came from.

  3. In the 1st video I bet if those 3 bums at least tried to fight back they would of chased off those cowardly nasty kids away.

    It was hard to watch that lady get smacked in the head, not sure why I felt anger when I can watch niggers do the same thing and feel nothing for them but this one I got mad.

  4. I find myself slipping onto these sites alot. I felt nothing watching this. It almost looks fake. The woman getting hit with the shovel and her skin falling off looks like lasagna noodles. And it looks like there are like 5 other boys doing it to. Why were only two convicted?

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