Man Chops His Own Finger Off

I don’t have any info at all on this video and I don’t know where it is from. It shows a man filming himself cutting half of his pinky finger off. He seems to be happy about it when he smiles at the camera but I wonder if he changed his dumb ass mind after he actually went through with it. I don’t know why he wanted to do this to himself but apparently it was important enough to film, and it’s always fun watching morons do stupid things that they immediately regret.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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13 thoughts on “Man Chops His Own Finger Off

  1. Now that was pure entertainment… this kind of video I can get into… you have here pure blind stupidity mixed with pure intent… and I’m sure good clean fun was had by all…. stupid fishy …… Equals DUMBASS… I’ll bet you good money that hurt a lot more than he thought it would…… you can also see the look of cold realization on his face after he cut his finger off

  2. Crazy buffoon! Son of a bitch thinks he is up to something chivalrous .

    But its gonna deeply hurt and he is gonna regret endlessly
    Scenes like these make me wanna say that It takes all kinds of bastards to make this world

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