Tag That Image! #10

Tag That Image! #10

Tiggity-tag dat image Mofos! And you best be chekin’ the winner of last week’s contest, right over hizzy. ?


“Never tell Superman he has a stick up his ass. You won’t like his response.” – @uniballer


“The distressed finish look is popular these days.” – @harumph

“Definitely gives new meaning now whenever he mentions ‘shitting out a log.'” – @mikeygraves

“World’s worst case of Morning Wood.” – @labarang

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32 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #10

  1. That left leg doesnt look as if its gonna be alive much longer. Poor cunt, im guessing he is being rendered unconscious (if he isnt unconscious anyway). Imagine waking up, looking down and seeing that mess? Thats if he DOES wake up… there has got to be some major bowel, intestine, and kidney damage – not to mention the state of his tackle

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