Brazilian Couple Murdered in Bed

Brazilian Couple Murdered in Bed

A couple was brutally murdered while they slept during the night of Sunday, February 26th in Itamaratí, state of Amazonas, Brazil. The two victims, whose names have not been released, we struck with blows to the head and then the murderer fled in the couple’s vehicle. He was apprehended a short while later where he stated that he had only intended to rob them. He failed to elaborate what caused him to changed his mind and kill the two people in the house.

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12 thoughts on “Brazilian Couple Murdered in Bed

  1. It kinda seems like the murderer has walked in on them having sex which led to the male pulling his shorts up to get a blow to the head. The flesh on the bed looks like brain matter. You know for sure the male was killed first then his partner. She may have been molested before and after death as well.

  2. Bra and no panties? I call bullshit on the it just being a robbery thing. C’mon ladies, speak up. Ever go to sleep like that? Panties and no bra, sure. But not the opposite. Murderer had some fun with the Mrs. before killing her.

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