Crazy Da Silva with Gunshot Wound to Mouth

Crazy Da Silva with Gunshot Wound to Mouth

A shirtless man is shown on video with eyes and mouth agape as he prances back and forth with his arms arched back like a strutting chimpanzee. He has suffered at least one visible gun shot wound to the jaw and has a conversation with a man who uses a make shift barrier to keep his distance from the man. I don’t know if he’s mentally ill or just hopped up on some bad coke but it’s entertaining. RGM member @derkopfsammler speaks Spanish and Portuguese and is our best translator when it comes to deciphering Brazilian Portuguese. Mr. DerK, if you will…

And thanks to @mrspink!

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15 thoughts on “Crazy Da Silva with Gunshot Wound to Mouth

  1. Ohh nothing unusual really, the guy filming was just giving him an exorcism… 😆 And the crazy guy was saying he was lucifer and asking them to kill him… It was really hard to understand what they were saying though because for some reason the videos here allways fuck up the sound… 😐

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